All 22 Plays of the Season: The Packers 48 Yard Game Winning Touchdown Against the Bears

All 22 Plays of the Season: The Packers 48 Yard Game Winning Touchdown Against the Bears

To celebrate the 2013 NFL season InsidetheFilmRoom is breaking down the All 22 film of the best 22 plays of the 2013 season. Today, we examine how Aaron Rodgers and the Packers stunned the Bears with a 48 yard game winning touchdown on 4th and 7. 

After Detroit’s December meltdown, the NFC North title was up for grabs when Chicago hosted Green Bay in week 17 at  Soldier Field. Fittingly, the game featured a back and forth battle between two old rivals that ultimately ended with one of the more memorable plays of 2013.

Let’s look at how a blown coverage allowed Randall Cobb to score the game winning touchdown on 4th and 7 that sent Green Bay to the playoffs and ended Chicago’s season.

Game Situation: 4th Quarter, 0:46, 4th and 7 at the CHI 48, Bears 28, Packers 27

Offensive Personnel: 3 WR (Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randal Cobb) 1 TE (Andrew Quarless) 1 RB (John Kuhn)

Formation: 4 Wide Shotgun Open

Offensive Concept: 4 Verticals

Defensive Scheme: Man 0 Blitz






Summary: While I like the defensive call in this situation, attempting to force a quick throw instead of giving Rodgers time to attack, the Bears execution is horrible. By bringing 7 rushers and playing Man 0 coverage, the Bears are banking on getting to Aaron Rodgers before his receivers can beat the one on one coverage. Initially, it looks promising for the Bears as the Packers offensive line slides right forcing John Kuhn to block Julius Peppers one on one. Yet Peppers takes a terrible angle on his rush, he should have looped around to ensure Aaron Rodgers didn’t escape the pocket, and is taken down by Kuhn’s cut block. With the contain defender on the ground, Aaron Rodgers escapes the pocket to his left giving his receivers time to take advantage of the one on one match ups.

It turned out to be one on none as S Chris Conte completely blew his coverage on Randall Cobb allowing him to run right by him on the seam route. What exactly Conte was thinking is beyond me, the Bears players admitted there was a miscommunication on this play, but with the Bears pre-snap alignment, no deep safety, there is no excuse for letting a receiver get behind you. All in all the Bears went big with a full on blitz and were undermined by a duo of errors that cost them their chance to win the NFC North.

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